Ade Edmondson Visits us at Romney's

Ade Edmondson Visits us at Romney's

In 2015, the comedian and actor, Ade Edmondson came to visit us at Romney’s in Kendal as part of his popular TV series, ‘Ade in Britain’. He travelled throughout Britain, stopping off in different counties to learn more about the region's unique food and historical traditions.

Ade spent some time with John Barron and his father Shane who talked about the first-ever successful Everest Expedition back in 1953, as well as the role that Romney’s Kendal Mint Cake played in being a part of such a historic feat for mankind — it isthe original energy bar’ for a reason!

Ade rolled his sleeves up and got involved in the making of our world-famous Kendal Mint Cake — it’s fair to say that he found the whole experience pretty mint!


It's always mint at Romney's - Check out Our Story


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