Romney's Kendal Mint Cake - First Ascent of Mount Everest

Romney's Kendal Mint Cake - First Ascent of Mount Everest
In 1953, Sir Edmund Hillary was selected to be part of the British Everest Expedition and partnered with Sirdar Tenzing.
The British Mount Everest Expedition requested 38lb of Kendal Mint Cake to be taken with them as part of their high altitude rations. This order had to be approved by the Ministry of Foods, as food rationing was still in place following the end of the Second World War. George Romney Ltd's staff also willingly donated their ration vouchers, so that 30lb of Kendal Mint Cake could be taken on one of the greatest expeditions of all time.
The British Expedition consisted of over 400 people, including 20 Sherpa Climbers and 10,000lbs of luggage, like most expeditions it was a real team effort.
When the time came to push for the summit, they were carrying 30lb back packs and still had to overcome a 40ft rock face, later named the 'Hillary Step'. Despite these challenges, on 29th May at 11:30am, Hillary and Tenzing stood on top of the world and became the first successful ascent of Mount Everest.
With regards to the Brown Romney's Kendal Mint Cake they had taken with them, a member of the team wrote: "It was easily the most popular item in our high altitude ration packs - our only criticism is that we did not have enough of it."
The successful ascent was announced on Queen Elizabeth II's coronation day and upon arrival back in the U.K, Hillary was knighted by the young Queen. Tenzing, as a Nepalese citizen was ineligible for a knighthood and instead received the George medal from the British government.