The Secret to a Successful Expedition

The Secret to a Successful Expedition

Romney's Kendal Mint Cake has been an essential part of numerous expeditions across the globe, including The Kangchenjunga Reconnaissance in 1954 - a year after the successful Everest Expedition. Romney's delicious Kendal Mint Cake has helped many explorers conquer new heights and has become a favorite among adventurers worldwide.

A Letter of Gratitude

On December 12th, 1954, Romney's received a letter from S.R. Jackson, the most experienced rock climber in The Kangchenjunga Reconnaissance party. The letter expressed his gratitude for the Kendal Mint Cake that Romney's had kindly provided for the expedition. According to Jackson, the cake was not only enjoyed by every member of the party, but it was also voted the favorite Kendal Mint Cake when compared to a few bars of another make that were given to them from the supplies of another expedition they met.

The Secret to Romney's Success

Romney’s Kendal Mint Cake was more than just a snack for these explorers - it was also an important source of energy. The sugar in the cake provided a quick burst of energy, while the glucose provided a slower, sustained release of energy. This combination was essential for adventurers facing long treks and demanding climbs.

Moreover, Romney's Kendal Mint Cake has been made using the same recipe since the company was founded in 1918, ensuring that the quality and taste remain consistent throughout the years. Romney's Kendal Mint Cake's ingredients are also simple and natural, consisting of only sugar, glucose syrup, water, and peppermint oil.

Romney’s Kendal Mint Cake provided the perfect balance of energy and taste, and the explorers' success speaks for itself. The Kangchenjunga Reconnaissance paved the way for future expeditions and provided valuable information for climbers and mountaineers around the world.

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