Romney's Environmental Discussion

Romney's Environmental Discussion

George Romney Ltd are actively looking at ways in which the company can reduce its environmental impact. With such strong ties to the outdoor world, we believe it is imperative for our carbon footprint to be as low as it possibly can be. With this in mind, we thought it would be beneficial to have a discussion about some of the steps we have already taken as a business to achieve this goal and set some targets for the future.


Intelligent Box Design

By redesigning our boxes in a certain way, we’ve been able to eliminate the need for them to be wrapped and sealed in a single use plastic. The latest box to have undergone this redesign is our popular 250g Kendal Mint Cake Finger box. We are also currently in the process of developing a new After Dinner Mints box that will no longer need to be wrapped in single use plastic. Not only is this change benefiting the environment by reducing the amount of single use plastic being used, it will also mean that our industrial shrink wrap machine will no longer need to be in use as often which will reduce our electricity consumption.


Responsibly Sourced Ingredients

Ingredients are hugely important to our business as they are what make our products taste as good as they do, but their origin is of equal importance. That’s why we make sure all our ingredients are sustainably sourced. Customers have noted in the past that some of our products contain palm oil, but we’ve worked hard to ensure that this ingredient is sustainably sourced and only purchased from companies who are RSPO certified.



Within our kitchen, breakroom, and office areas there are recycling bins for staff to use and dispose of their rubbish. These are constantly being filled, which reflects how dedicated our staff are at helping the business reduce their carbon footprint.

Within our warehouse we are constantly making use of recycled boxes to send our orders out in. These might be boxes we’ve had goods delivered to our factory in, or even boxes we’ve collected from other business in our local area to use. If there’s something we love, it’s reusing a box!

We’re not the only pros at recycling though, as over the years we’ve been sent photos from customers showcasing how they’ve found other uses for our famous Mint Cake pocket tins. From storing sewing equipment to plant seeds, we love seeing our Mint Cake Pocket Tins being reused. We have recently started selling our pocket tins with refill bars online and they have proved to be hugely popular! If you would like to purchase a refill tin, please visit our shop here –


Building for the Future

As we look forward to the next chapter in our confectionery history, the need for a factory that can adapt to our growing demand is paramount. That is why we’ve began the process of designing our new factory which will look to be as environmentally friendly as possible. With the introduction of solar panels, it will help us meet our target of making the transition to renewable energy sources.