Mint Drinks Chocolate Mint Cake & Rum Liquor

Mint Drinks Chocolate Mint Cake & Rum Liquor

On Friday 22nd March, the George Romney team attended Mint Drinks 10 year anniversary, which featured the release of their highly anticipated new spirit drink! Mint Drinks is the only drink manufacturer that uses real pieces of Romney's Kendal Mint Cake in their spirit drink!

In order to produce their Delicious Kendal Mint Cake Vodka, David Hall melts down Romney’s Brown Kendal Mint Cake and mixes it with Vodka. David explained that they chose to use brown Mint Cake as it produces a nicer looking spirit drinks. Creating the drink is a delicate process, as if measurements are wrong and too much brown Kendal Mint Cake is added, the mixture can begin to grain.

The event began with a selection of delicious cocktails, all of which were created using Mint Drink four sprit drinks: Kendal Mint Cake Vodka, Herdwick Brambleberry Gin, Sticky Toffee Pudding Rum and Lakes Gingerbread Vodka. Then it was time for the big reveal, as David took to the stage to unveil the fifth and latest spirit drink to be added to the Mint Drink range... Chocolate Mint Cake & Rum!

The connections between Romney’s Kendal Mint Cake & Mint Drink’s don’t stop there, as we also use their spirit drinks as the main ingredients for our specialty fudge range. We currently manufacture and sell Kendal Mint Cake fudge, Herdwick Brambleberry Gin fudge, Lakes Gingerbread Vodka fudge & a sticky toffee pudding rum fudge! View the delicious Mint Drinks fudge range here

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